Portland Hot Tub Repair and Spa Service throughout the Greater Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area

Customer Testimonials of PDQ Spa Service

Testimonial by David Richards

"We have used PDQ for the past 15+ years, and they have addressed everything we've needed, from service, to minor problems (to) major problems with mice. We wouldn't call anyone else!"

Testimonial by Jane Wilkinson

"I have used PDQ Spa Service for at least a decade. Paul and Greg can handle all aspects of your pool and spa problems. They have been a team for a long time, so you know who you are getting.

They know what they are doing, although some pool and spa issues are tricky. They are responsive and fairly priced. Also, they'll give you advice on things you can do yourself to save money. I highly recommend. They also helped with processing homeowners' insurance claims on two gas heater freezes we had. We didn't even know this would be covered until Paul suggested it. That was worth a couple of thousand dollars."

Testimonial by Mark Provost

"The recent freeze broke part of the PVC "plumbing" on my hot tub. Paul diagnosed the problem and the fix on the phone. He was backlogged for a couple of weeks on service calls, so he mailed me the part with instructions. I was able to install it in a couple of minutes and I'm back in business.

It went better than I could have hoped, and saved me a lot of money for the service call he didn't have to perform. This is my 3rd contact with PDQ; I'm very, very impressed by Paul's dedication to customer service...and his concern that everything he does-works perfectly(I decided to pay him for a "virtual service call" plus postage for the part)."

Testimonial by Jim Rosendale

"PDQ is a very conscientious company. They have uncommon courtesy and attention to detail. We would feel comfortable having Paul or Greg on our property any time even without us here. The final bill came in under the estimate and everything has worked fine since and they have followed up making sure everything was all right several times since. We would definitely refer this company to friends."